• L.E.A Laboratory of artistic experimentation

    Created to support the creative development of artists and researchers, through scholarship programs and residences.

    LEA proposes the creation of specific projects to maintain an open, dynamic and inspiring dialogue with the different areas of the Faena Arts Center, building a cultural and artistic movement centered in the Faena District and the City of Buenos Aires.

    This first edition, is led by Emiliano Miliyo, with the collaboration of Diego Bianchi and Ines Dahn. The artists participating in LEA 2012 are: Nicanor Araoz, Ernesto Ballesteros, Julian D’Angiolillo, Irina Kirchuk, Valentina Liernur, Lucrecia Lionti, Adriana Minoliti, Dudu Quintanilha, Luis Teran. LEA makes available to participating artists, a working space for three months in which, through a prorama of experimentation and research they will be able to materialize an individual or collective project - which will be displayed in the Catedral Exhibition Hall (October-January) of Faena Arts Center.