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    • The Already Alive filmmaking collective is presenting a short film that shows us the most private and public rituals that take place in ‘The Temple’ during the Burning Man festival.

    ‘The Temple’ a video about Burning Man’s most intimate ritual / 

    Many refer to Burning Man as their home. For them, the festival is much more than a great party in a fictional city where people gather to partake in a Baroque hedonism that lasts an entire week, for them something sacred and long-lost inhabits the desert. The Already Alive filmmaking collective, created a short film called The Temple that taps into this sentimental stream. It explores the loss of authentic sacred rituals in modern times, and how some people find that the festival’s Temple is a place where they can let go of the painful baggage they carry. Michael Marantz, the film’s director and composer, explains:     

    Now that many in our society have moved beyond traditional religion, how do we move past tragedy? How do we mark the exciting events in our lives and how do we deal with life's inevitable trials? Some people who face these questions find the answer in the most unlikely of places, Burning Man. "The Temple" explores modern spirituality in a contemplative and personal manner touching on the ideas of self-discovery, letting go, and meaningful human connection that transcends simply a party in the desert.

    The short film perfectly expresses an important aspect of our current condition as beings that have broken away from established religious traditions. We have become the artifices of our own person rituals, but we have also lost some of the tools that allow us to transcend our tragedy. The Burning Man Temple becomes a repository that welcomes our personal fires, and as it burns, it opens a crack towards the most important aspect of the spirit: letting go. As Borges used to say, only fire destroys. 

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