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    • Austin Kleon summarises in his new book, the great idiosyncrasy of the remix era, one of the principal pulses of contemporary creativity.

    ‘How to steal like an artist’, a recommended reading for any creative person / 

    Austin Kleon could be the artist every creative person should read. In his new book he does not only make a valuable dissertation on what create means in actuality, it also articulates a ludic apology for the remix in the digital era. The form of his message, fresh and simple, and his own remix of information makes a small jewel out his work.

    How to steal like an artist (and 9 other things nobody told me), is a list of ten pieces of advice he would have liked to know when he was nineteen years old. The book thus is a type of gift to artists that, like him, have passed or will pass through a world of adversities to simply realise that “nothing is original”. 

    Every artist gets asked the question, “Where do you get your ideas?”

    The honest artist answers, “I steal them.”

    This reminder is the primary idea of his ten pieces of advice, that are perfectly engrained in the era we’re experiencing, where everything has been said and done and what truly matters is how we say it. “Each new idea is a mashup, or a remix of previous ideas”, writes Austin. “Like it says in Ecclesiastes: ‘There is nothing new under the sun’.”

    His manifesto reveals the “artist as a collector”, where his merit resides in this ability to select ideas within an infinite torrent. “Every art is subtraction”, he notes.

    As well as the latter, Austin reminds us we will never be more ready to do what we would like to do. The role of the artist is to create, err, and create again, until his work reflects something “different”, to what already exists out there. Different, but not original. And if the world is a stage and we are actors playing a part —as Shakespeare said—we will have to play them as best we can and not waste energy by procrastinating. All of this without forgetting that “The golden rule is even more golden in our hyper-connected world: be kind”, concludes Kleon.

    How to steal like an artist is, beyond inspiring, a call to create. Creativity’s complementary reading, that as well as reminding us some essential instances, gives us peace of mind.

    You can find the PDF of the book here.

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