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    • The filmmaker Ringo Tang directs a documentary which follows “Light Stream”, the largest LED piece in the world, and musicalizes it with disturbing a soundtrack by John Cage.

    ‘Light Stream’, documenting the largest kinetic installation in the world / 

    In this short video by Ringo Tang, messages written in LED lights by the New York Based artists, Jenny Holzer, ascend and descend to the rhythm of a soundtrack by John Cage. The video’s aesthetic alludes to that from Bladerunner, while the waterfall of data and codes evokes images from The Matrix. ‘I want to share the way I feel about her work with more people,’ says the filmmaker, ‘and make them think more deeply about the value of the world.’

    Holzer is best known for showing her text pieces on a massive billboard overlooking Times Square. So far however, Light Stream, which comprises three of her classic texts —Truisms, Survival and Living— is her largest LED installation so far. The texts appear both in Chinese and in English, and they dance around spiral sculptures in eight-hour mechanical writing cycles. Holzer, a self-confessed electronic addict, makes them dance and do tricks before our eyes, and assures us that this illegible data are travelling through space and communicating a message about the global situation. 

    Through Tang’s video we can discern the overdose of data that populates the Pearl Lam gallery in Hong Kong. John Cage’s contribution, on the other hand, adds a disturbing element to the digital poetic created by Holzer, an absorbing informational reality which is not far from our ordinary reality.

    Jenny Holzer: Light Stream on Nowness.com


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