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    • Five videos explore the idea of departure and separation in different spatial, temporal and existentialist fields of humanity, Bill Viola presents his first solo exhibition in the Argentinian capital.

    “Punto de Partida”, Bill Viola’s first exhibition in Buenos Aires / 

    Bill Viola’s name is undoubtedly one of the most meaningful in the history of Video art. This is an artist that has known how to take the expressive possibilities of this multidisciplinary technique towards the explorations concerned with the most essential human issues —queries that are, per se, phenomena, such as the dualisms of life/death, light/darkness, sounds/silence, tension/calm, or even consciousness itself. With influences that range from Renaissance painting to Mark Rothko, Viola’s creations explore the limits of the meaning of these concepts, which to a greater degree constitute our vision of the world, both individually and socially.

    Recently, Punto de Partida, was inaugurated in Buenos Aires, the first individual exhibition the American artist has had in Argentina. In this case, this entails presenting five videos surrounding the ideas and effects of departure, separation, that rupture which at times is painful, at times unpredictable, sudden, that disbands time and space, a person and their surroundings, that differentiates the ‘here’ from ‘there’, the past from the present, life and death, the State and the individual.

    Symbolically, Punto de Partida, is being shown, free of charge, in Memory Park in Buenos Aires, in the "Presentes, Ahora y Siempre" (Present, Now and Always) exhibition room, and will be open until the 2nd of September of the present year. 

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