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    • David Lynch makes a mystical remix of a song by Radiohead’s producer, Nigel Godrich’s new band.

    “Ultraista, Strange Formula”, a psychedelic remix by David Lynch / 

    Named after Ultraista, a Spanish literary movement from the beginning of the twentieth century, the band was formed by Radiohead’s producer and honorary “sixth member”, Nigel Godrich, together with the artist Laura Bettinson and the multi-instrumentalist Joey Waronker, who has produced Beck, R.E.M, The Smashing Pumpkins, Eels and Paul McCartney. Facing this impressive cumulus of talents, David Lynch, the consecrated filmmaker and musician decided to impress a pinch of supernaturalism on the electronic trio’s track “Strange Formula”.

    Lynch’s remix embraces Mathew Dear and Four Tet’s proposals; the latter used their debut single “Smarttalk”, which had an excellent response from the press. “People hear things differently and so to have something spat back at you through someone else's eyes is usually quite interesting,” notes Godrich. For his contribution, Lynch moves away from the group’s pop sound and distorts Bettinson’s vocals, transforming them into a long and languid enunciation. He also mixes guitars and synthesisers to create an ominous storm of noise. The result is ghastly and psychedelic.

    “We're honoured. He is a very interesting cat indeed,” offers Godrich of the eccentric collaborator. “I personally had no preconceptions, but it makes sense knowing his persona. It's very visual.” 

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