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    • Two robots landed on the surface of Mars ten years ago: today, this exhibition features the most beautiful images captured during their adventures.

    10 years on Mars: celebrating these explorations with spectacular images / 

    Spirit and Opportunity are the two robots that landed a decade ago on the surface of Mars, under the mission of exploring and documenting the red planet. They left Earth in early 2003 and they landed on Mars in January 2004. Each robot was placed on opposite ends of the planet, in order to focus on the areas that apparently showed traces of water.

    These two explorers have already surpassed the mileage they were supposed to cover; Spirit for example has travelled over 7.7 kilometres in just six years, while Opportunity has covered over 38 kilometres. At first, their mission was only meant to last ninety days, however, Spirit’s communication with Earth ended in 2010 and it was officially declared dead in 2011, while Opportunity, incredibly, continues its explorations.

    The robots collected physical samples that will eventually be studied, as well as hundreds of images of the planet: stunning sunsets, fiery dunes in deep reed hues and a wide range of diverse minerals.

    In order to celebrate the 10th anniversary of this Martian exhibition, Cornell University, Jet Propulsion Laboratory and NASA organised a retrospective exhibition featuring some of the best photographs taken by the robots during their stay on the planet. The Spirit & Opportunity: 10 Years Roving on Mars exhibition will be on display in the National Air and Space Museum until September 2014.

    The exhibition includes replica models of the two robots, photographic series and several videos. This historical event is an introduction to the surprises this planet has to offer, which will soon be populated by human colonisers.

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