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    • With careful optimism, Costandi distils one-hundred years of neuroscience knowledge into this easy-read and wonderful book.

    "50 Human Brain Ideas You Really Need to Know" by Mo Costandi / 

    Just as our obsession with maps has increased over time, our obsession with the human brain has also grown. And there is nothing odd about it, if we consider the brain is also a map of sorts. The book by Mo Costandi has just gone on sale and promises to be a true treasure that condenses a lot of information concerning the functions of this organ.

    50 Human Brain Ideas You Really Need to Know is divided into 50 short chapters, each one devoted to an influential idea on how the human brain works, which in its entirety initiates its readers into modern neuroscience.

    The book covers many concepts that are fundamental to our modern understanding —to quote the author— “that wondrous lump of electrochemical jelly inside our heads”.

    During the short period of time we have been investigating this complex organ (from 1890 to this day), many theories on how it works and how it generates our thoughts and behaviours have emerged. And while technology to help us understand the brain has improved, the public in general becomes more interested in neuroscience and what the fascinating discoveries represent for them. Of course this has led to a great deal of myths (“that the left part of the brain is ‘logical’ and the ‘right’ is creative”, the author points out) and many other imprecise reports.

    What the book aims to do is distil over a hundred years of ideas surrounding the brain, in an easy and understandable manner —demystifying the mysterious matter within our head.

    The book does not pretend to provide answers to the great questions in life: “It will not” Costandi points out, “Brain research cannot tell us everything about ourselves, or what it means to be human. But it does offer the possibility that treatments may be developed for numerous debilitating conditions that afflict us, such as addiction, Alzheimer's disease, stroke and paralysis”.

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