• Agents of Change

    • Discarded plots of land often induce beautiful sensations: their history and mysticism bestows them with a symbolic value and some even inspire transformation.

    Abandoned lots in your city could become spectacular places / 

    When we find ourselves gazing at an abandoned space, it is easy to feel melancholy for what once was, and nostalgia for the unknown. But also, in many cases, we become enthralled by the notion of what that place could become.

    Nathalie Kosciusko-Morize, from the UMP party (Union pour un mouvement populaire), wishes to adopt the type of measures that have been used in other cities, in London for example, where abandoned subway stations were transformed into hydroponic crops or greenhouses. Additionally, she suggested that the city of Paris should diversify the uses given to abandoned lots, especially to subway stations. Kosciusko-Morize goes far and beyond however, and her imagination is truly outstanding.

    This French politician plans to transform some of these abandoned spaces into public pools, bars, museums and spectacular nightclubs. The subway stations that lie in a state of abandonment are still very accessible in the Parisian geography, which would favor their quick inclusion in the lives of the city’s inhabitants.

    Perhaps this is merely the beginning of a new trend, destined to be accepted worldwide: nostalgia, mystery and new possibilities that detonate from abandoned spaces are ingredients that inspire a better and more creative manner of using them — to democratize dead spaces, to provide a better quality of life for the world’s inhabitants. 

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