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    • “Ashoka Changemakers” and “Accenture”, recognise the entrepreneurs who successfully achieve projects of a social character within the companies they work in.

    Activating social projects from the entrails of great enterprises / 

    In this planet, there exist at least two mediums to achieve significant changes and improve a shared reality. One of them stems from individual and independent initiatives and the other by joining a traditional model but applying a different focus. The latter is the essential premise of “Ashoka Changemakers” and “Accenture”, which seek to recognise through “The League of Intrapreneurs” employees who parting from a private initiative have been responsible for implementing social changes.

    When we work in a company, we generally identify flaws or defects that have a negative effect on social wellbeing. Even outside of our company, throughout our lives, we discern social problems with solutions we could easily contribute from our professional context.

    This year “The League of Intrapreneurs” recognised four people who were able to bring about significant social changes from the respective entrails of the enterprises where they worked. Such is the case, for example, of Graham Simpson, who works in the pharmaceutical enterprise GlaxoSmithKline and after volunteering in Africa he recognised the imperativeness of a timely and accurate diagnosis in order to avoid the deaths of vulnerable people. Facing this problematic he decided to elaborate a simple guide which, through the use of precise information can be employed by anybody to self-diagnose; a simple idea but one which could easily save hundreds of lives.

    “The League of Intrapreneurs” seeks to encourage the imaginations of people who work in private initiatives. They invite people to use creativity that is usually employed to seek higher incomes, to instead seek solutions to social problems. At the end of the day, we must remember that for a market to be sustainable the society on which it depends must be a healthy structure that will continuously be able to solve the problems that hinder it. 

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