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    • Almost five years after coming together, this collective is already a landmark in the history of Street Art and artistic rebellion.

    Agents of Change: the inspiring transformation of public space and private galleries / 

    The talent of the artists that belong to the Agents of Change Collective remodel and transmute urban space by enriching it with the magic of art. Committed to cities aesthetic change, they bestow a new appearance to public spaces, walls crumbling because of the environmental impact welcome the chromatic palette’s fortunate attacks, the ideas and the creative onslaught transformed into acts of freedom.

    This international collective is made up of 12 acclaimed street artists: Augustine Kofie, Mare 139, LX One, Remi Rough, System, Timid, Juice 126, Derm, Stormie Mills, Steve More, Joker and Jaybo. These artists are constantly aware of the particular problems and needs of the communities where the work is going to be done so they emphasise the people’s identity and they encourage their creativity by participating and speaking with the artists.

    Each one of the participants represents the entire collective. The group was formed in 2009 and since then they have known how to homogenise emotive visual discourses, artistic arguments that make the spot where they’re painted stand out, and catalyse a memorable aesthetic experience.

    Although each creator has a personal style, the projects they embark on possess a sense of unity and discursive strength; the work they have created is admirable, regardless of the weather, the height or the state of the place, they never hesitate to impress their initial outline on the walls.

    In the tortuous dual game of creation there always exist spaces set aside for hate and love, won and lost victories that make up the creator’s profile, his character and strength; elements that make him a true agent of change, like each of the members of this singular international collective. 

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