• Nationality: Russian (Fyodor) - Argentine (Woodgate)

    • Period: Contemporary

    • Exhibition Room: Molinos & Cathedral Room

    Installed in two superimposed spaces in the Faena Arts Center, the works of  Woodgate and Pavlov-Andreevich express two distinct natures: they may take the same line, but they take it in opposite directions, and at strikingly different intensities.
    Exposed to similar environments, Fyodor turns in on himself in search of the deep meaning of a fascinating history that is his alone, while Agustina bursts out beyond the bounds of the Faena Arts Center, suspending signifiers whose signifieds are usually clearly assigned.
    Fyodor’s Carousel is animated by a centripetal acceleration -it rotates on its own axis and the force driving it tends toward the intimacy of the center; Agustina’s Geometry, on the other hand, spreads out in all directions at once. Its acceleration is centrifugal, intentionally flying away from the center.
    Pavlov-Andreevich’s work functions as a grand political metaphor focused on restoring the meaning of a forgotten revolutionary movement. With microscopic precision, it draws inspiration from the shameless old subversion only to salvage it as a concept for display. The centripetal forces of the performance keep revolutionary slogans confined to a strictly-drawn inner world limited to the machine that at once promotes and controls it.
    In the opposite direction to Carousel’s electron microscopy, Agustina’s Poetics is permeated by a telescopic ambition. Worn away to the point of losing all previous meaning, Woodgate’s objects and actions open up into an outer world which the artist ultimately hands control of the work to.
    This multiplies the tensions between each of the works and the center that houses them, between the works themselves and the spectators; one pulling inward, the other striving to break out.
    Created to support and inspire creation and interaction within a single environment, the Faena Arts Center accomplishes its mission by holding these tensions in unresolved suspension.


    FYODOR'S PERFORMANCE CAROUSEL will be showing in the Los Molinos Room as of May 20th, 7-10 p.m.
    The exhibition will run May 21st through 25th, with five shows daily from 5 to 10 p.m.
    Tickets are available at: https://eventioz.com.ar/e/fyodors-performance-carousel
    Please arrive 15 minutes before the start time.

    * Maximum 50 admissions per showing. ** Fyodor’s Performance Carrousel is suitable only for adults aged 18 and over, and may contain language and scenes of violence. The simple act of attending the performance implies acceptance of the terms and conditions.

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