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    An App that uses poetry to narrate the streets of Chicago / 


    HOG Butcher for the World,

    Tool Maker, Stacker of Wheat,

    Player with Railroads and the Nation's Freight Handler;

    Stormy, husky, brawling,

    City of the Big Shoulders

    Fragment from “Chicago” by Carl Sandburg

    Some cities are undoubtedly more poetic than others, but they all have their own poetry. And nearly all of them have had bards singing verses in the streets, on their corners. However they never imagined that in the future, the streets would have poems impressed on them so that passer-byes could pick them up on their way to their destination.

    Thanks to the Chicago Poets app by Josh Fisher, poetry will now be able to inform you of your geographic location through a mobile device. Designed for the “Windy City”, this app enables poets to upload their pieces based on coordinates, and this will pop-up when the app is active.

    “We spend all day being bombarded with billboards for Tide or Pepsi or Coke,” Fisher said. “And wouldn’t it be nice for once to instead of getting a commercial message, to instead get this--like here’s a little encapsulated moment of beauty for you to enjoy as you’re walking down the sidewalk”.

    The types of poetry you can upload are virtually limitless. You can work with free-verse, sonnets or even haikus. “I want to give new life to street corners. I want to give new life to parks and monuments, to let people see the narratives behind the place”, Fisher concludes. For more information on the app, follow this link. 

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