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    • Travel apps generally focus on a single aspect, but this new option gathers all the important elements of travelling in order to help you plan your voyage using this simple and insightful digital tool and its versatile infographics.

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    Travelling is perhaps one of the most freeing acts we can commit to. This type of experiences can extend our understanding of the world while they make us aware of the different realities that can be experienced in the world, while they also present us with different eco systemic contexts that define the different cultures of the planet.

    Nonetheless, with the fast pace of modern life and the constant demand for greater efficiency (even if the latter seems somewhat questionable), planning is essential if we want to make the most of our trips during the short periods of time we can devote exclusively to travelling.

    In this sense, planning ahead of our journeys is actually of the utmost importance if we intend to enjoy our trip to the fullest. With this in mind, digital apps have become one of the most popular planning tools available for those who want to work on their schedule before leaving home.

    There are already many useful apps that can help us know the most important aspects of our journey: the weather, the flight schedules and their delays, the prices of taxis and where to find them, the most practical routes, or international exchange rates; these different aspects however, usually exclusive to a specific app.

    Aware of the main flaw of travel apps and the importance of encompassing all these aspects in a single one, Rob Tannen, Kyle Cook, Andrew Harvard and Evan Wendel from the Intuitive Company, developed Round Trip.

    Using a continuous infographic, Round Trip presents, in a single image, all the relevant aspects of a trip, according to when you open it. Using smart figures, this app is able to give you an average estimate of the time it will take you to check-in at the flights counter. It is also extremely practical: it is able, for example, to send you the phone number of the closest taxi company according to your location.

    Even if the “surprise” factor is one of the most important aspects of travelling, defining beforehand the most important parts of your trip is always useful. And even if a completely automatic journey appears to have lost some of its beauty; far from holding on to it being perfectly planned to the last second and the smallest detail, technology can be your ally, perhaps even enabling you to let go. At the end of the day, this app reminds us that we should keep an open mind if we want to let experience flow freely. 

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