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    • This exhibition explores the relationship between creators and the disastrous landscapes of war.

    Architecture of War: a striking display that presents a century of English art / 

    The Imperial War Museum in England is exhibiting an imposing body of work from their private collection, where they portray the influence and the interests of the artists who lived through bellicose periods. Architecture of War is an exhibition that gathers the work of English creators who portrayed the transformations of the landscape with the developments of war conflicts.

    The works that are presented were made by artists who lived during the first half of the twentieth century, to creators that continue to work today. This is a curatorial portrait of an entire century of English art which features works on oil, sculpture, engraving, drawing, watercolours and photography. Works that were divided into two main axes: collaborations between humans and their relation to machines, and frontiers in constant bellicose tension.

    The exhibition was inaugurated in July and will remain open until May 2014, a few months before commemorating the first century anniversary of the First World War. The Imperial War Museum has a full agenda to commemorate the aforementioned event, including inaugurations of their new building after an intensive 35 million pound remodelling process.

    This iconic space opened its doors after the end of the First World War. The museum has one of the most striking image archives in the world, featuring the visual record of some of the most shocking moments in history. Their webpage has a rich collection and is constantly updated to present virtual visitors with their most recent projects and collaborations. Perhaps one of the most fortunate examples of this is the inclusion of their archive in the Google Art Project

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