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    • The Future of the Mind, by Michio Kaku, explores the most recent research surrounding the human mind.

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    The Future of the Mind, the latest book by Michio Kaku, physical theorist, was recently published. It explores the scientific desire to understand, improve and potentiate the human mind. This prominent researcher has distinguished himself in the field of String Theory, primarily due to his commitment to scientific diffusion and to his astounding ability to guide anybody through the complexities of many subjects such as neuroscience, for example.

    This book gathers the most astounding research in the field of neuroscience. For example, it describes the experiments that inch us closer to the possibility of recording our thoughts, dreams or memories so that these can later be reproduced or consulted. This type of work, combined with a minimal dosage of optimism, can easily reach Dan Simmons’ visions, and in a near future, they could create a sophisticated network for the exchange of thoughts and brain to brain emotions.

    Doctor Kaku is also proposing a new way of perceiving consciousness, using it to treat certain psychological issues and to work with artificial intelligences. The wonderful aspects that are exposed by this volume are inspiring, even if many of them are still in their early stages, the future that once seemed so distant is actually much closer than we could imagine, at least, according to this theoretical physicist.

    An essential read for those who love to delve into the confines of the region where magic, science, technology and our imagination converge. 

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