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    • Designed By: McCormack Architects
    Aimé Paine 1169 + 54 11 4010 9233 Info@faenaartscenter.org

    Originally built in 1908 to house one of Argentina’s first flour mills, the building that houses the Faena Arts Center offers a rich historical backdrop for the myriad expressions of contemporary art.The main exhibition space, located in what was once the mill’s machine room, has been painstakingly rebuilt while retaining original details from the early 1900s, when the mill turned out up to one thousand tons of ground wheat per day. Soaring ceilings, semicircular arches, bay windows and other hallmarks of turn-of-the-century industrial architecture serve to create a spacious, light-filled environment for a rotating array of international artists.

     Located at the corner of Azucena Villaflor and Juana Manso, Faena Arts Center stands out on account of its architecture, its monumental steps and its large windows.The Arts Center has two floors measuring 3.60 and 9 meters in height, each extending over 630 sq.mt. The two rooms –that can be used independently or together– are equipped to meet the demands of the technical and building infrastructure required by contemporary art and also offer the quality of service and style of Faena Hotel. 

    Puerto Madero is Buenos Aires’ former docks district. From the 19th Century to the mid-20th Century, it was a busy working port, essential to the export of goods from Argentina to the world. During the late 20th Century, the port fell into disuse, and become an abandoned barrio of rusting warehouses and empty factories.Since 1989, the city of Buenos Aires and corporate partners such as the Faena Group have revitalized the area, turning it into an arts district, ecological reserve, and high-end residential sector. The Los Molinos building was first built at the start of the 20th Century to house the Los Molinos food company. The redesign has maintained the original mill’s 3.3m high ceilings, and new elements have been carefully constructed to maintain the building’s unique aesthetic.

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