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    • Essentially narrative, ironic and intriguing, Lynch’s second album will at the very least make you think a bit.

    The Big Dream, David Lynch’s new album / 

    Recently, David Lynch, the genial filmmaker who is launching a musical LP for the second time, has released The Big Dream. At times acid and visceral, this album glides, throughout twelve tracks, over a type of period dark blues and rock. Seduction, fatality, melancholy, and metaphysics, become fused in a ludic narrative —with a sudden smell of an electric rodeo, to a vintage nightmare, or a transtemporal prom night.

    What probably where, at first, enjoyable and spontaneous jams, turn out to be sophisticated atmospheres —due to the intervention of his collaborator ‘Big Dean Hurley’—, full of loops, guitars, samplings and keyboards, that accompany  Lynch’s therapeutic monologues, in charge of the vocals. The combination of the latter catalyses the ‘dirty sound’, garage-like, which characterises the disc, in a parade of lucid irony.

    Faithful to his cinematic style, this character who is also a plastic artist and a passionate promoter of transcendental meditation, offers us with this album, elegant tools to distort that which we qualify as ‘reality’ —a cathartic invitation to submerge oneself in an oneiric adventure.

    While we might not be facing a disc that will be known throughout history for its musical quality, truth be told, his proposal is remarkable —beyond the fact that we might struggle to separate the admiration we feel for the author’s cinematic work. In few words, the most recommendable thing to do would be to enjoy the album, as if we were undergoing a psychoanalysis session, lying on a blue velvet couch. 

    Track: Star Dream Girl

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