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    • Since it first came into the world, this genre has experienced a profound transformation, becoming a form of contemporary art.

    A brief history of Anime / 

    The origins of Japanese animation date back to the beginning of the 20th century, when this Asian country tried to modernize itself and become part of the artistic vanguard. It was back then when the experimentation in frame by frame animation began. The themes that the animated sequences explored focused on popular folklore and other aspects of everyday life associated with what engravings and paintings had been doing in the country for many centuries.

    Currently, anime is a popular genre on an international level, the fast-growing industry produces several animations every year and many of these productions are now cult series. They are characterized by the peculiar appearance of their big eyed characters with multi-colored hair, stylized bodies and small noses. The scripts of these animations are often complex, supported by a peculiar visual and narrative language centered on existentialism. It is also common for the characters to experience emotional tensions, and in many cases these can be connected to cyberpunk.

    This style’s most significant development happened in the 1970s, but as we can see, early Japanese animations were something completely different. Unfortunately most these early animations were lost in the aftermath of an earthquake which struck Tokyo in 1923. One of the most ancient works that still survive is Blunt Sword (1917), when this piece was created the role of the Benshi was still greatly admired and its inclusion in films was crucial –he was in charge of creatively narrating the silent action of each character, and these were often more popular than actual films.

    Eyesight is undoubtedly one of the most overwhelming senses, it floods our perception and forces us to forget other sensorial stimuli. Celluloid is able to seduce the masses because it stimulates two crucial aspects of human perception, the first is the visual aspect and the second is its narrative. We are creatures that tell stories and who find pleasure in them, the moving image can seduce anyone, regardless of its technique. After more than a century since these moving images first originated, rephrasing André Bazin, are some of the most beloved to mankind. 

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