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    • With her creative performance art incursions, this creator remains relevant and proactive.

    Broadening the limits of performance, art and the mind with Marina Abramovic / 

    Marina Abramovic has been able to connect with the most profound reflections. Throughout her entire career she has constantly experimented with different means, until she reached her current approach to performance art. This Serbian artist’s creative process is nurtured by emotional, physical and symbolic tensions. In recent years the only medium she has worked with in order to connect with her audience is her own body, being present and in sync with the thousands that seek that special something in art.

    The latest enclosure to host the work of this performance artist is the Serpentine Gallery. Marina Abramović: 512 Hours is the name of this exhibition, which seeks to embark on an initiatic journey, where the spectator and the artist are part of the work and its matter. Those who are interested in embarking on this adventure should leave their belongings behind, in order to be present in the gallery experimenting the time and the space that are released inside.

    From 10 in the morning and until 6 in the evening for six days a week, the gallery will become and aesthetic experience, where the artist, her audience, time and space are the work of art. The exhibition began on June 11th and will remain on display until August 25th. We can recall that in 2010 Abramovic showed The Artist is Present in the MoMA in New York, where she and the viewer sat close to each other, touching, exchanging glances and a few fortunate gestures.

    In this, her latest incursion into performance arts, she plays with temporal aspects and relevant locations which reflect on art  and space in relation to the openness and awareness of art —or the aesthetic moments that can be taken from these types of works. It is a practice that is closely related to contemplative meditative states that force us to sharpen our minds.

    Abramovic has always set herself apart for expanding the limits of her work and discipline. This exhibition will not be the exception. 

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