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    • This foundation, which supports sustainable ecological buildings, is honoring the iconic architect using his unifying ontology.

    The Buckminster Fuller Institute is enriching the arts with its synergic philosophy / 

    “Synergy means behavior of whole systems unpredicted by the behavior of their parts.”

    ― Buckminster Fuller

    The simplification of reality is evident when we think of it in terms of units. Individuality is attainable, but its meaning exists in relation to everything else, and its function is greater as part of a whole. Everything operates as if it were a circuit where something is a product, for example a system of infinite energy. Buckminster Fuller, the acclaimed architect and designer, and incidentally one of the first ecologists, did not believe anything existed on its own or as autonomous beings, a manner of thinking that led him to become one of the first exponents of the “logic of everything”, with his systemic theory.

    Using architecture and design, Fuller knit a network of senses that transcended the traditional conceptualization of spaces, and even the logic of life. He imagined and practiced a sustainable philosophy, where the energy we use has to be returned to the cosmos. He criticized the use of fossil fuels, an attitude that was ahead of his time, and he envisioned the transcendent nature of clean energies as a form of healthy survival.

    The Buckminster Fuller Institute honors the philosophy of this thinker and inventor, a source of inspiration for architecture, design and the arts. Far from being dogmatic, since the beginning, this place has remained a circuit of ideas which, following the logic of sustainability, opens the panorama for the development of these matters.

    The Buckminster Fuller Institute spreads knowledge, but it also brings the audience closer to the thousands of documents and works which the architect left as his legacy. The foundation wants new generations to reappropriate the sustainable legacy as an end in itself, beyond architecture or design. One of the most sublime contributions he made was to name reality “universe” and not “the universe”. By suppressing the article, the concept of universe rids itself of an individual quality, to become a whole. But his greatest gift is having shared a new way of understanding life and everything.

    Today this foundation incubates initiatives that are in sync with ecology. It awards a significant prize to sustainable projects (Buckminster Fuller Challenge), and encourages an interest in life from a systematic and unifying perspective. In his system theory, Fuller also expanded and reconceptualized the word “synergy”:  the effect of the causes is superior to the sum of the equals, and this result can be maximized, when consciousness is pursued and the responsibility this entails. So be it…

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