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    • This exhibition shows three decades of the work by this American creator.

    Christopher Wool and his exploration through form / 

    The Guggenheim Museum in New York will present an astounding exhibition featuring the work of Christopher Wool (1954). The works of this prolific creator, whose career began in the Eighties and continues to grow today, will be on display in the museum. Born in Chicago, Wool moved to the city of lights in the Seventies, where the Punk and No Wave movements were decisively influential in his career.

    In a period when painting was considered obsolete, Wool experimented with different media in his creations, for example, he created patterns by using rolling pins, serigraphy ink and other everyday objects. Moving away from the pictorial gesture and premeditated composition, Wool followed the path of error and accidental media, executing a form of freedom and the plastic dynamism that characterises his work.

    His creations journeyed to the beta post-conceptual; using thick fonts applied with stencils, and impressing messages on canvasses that lacked letters, punctuation marks, and on many occasions, coherency, he bestowed the reader with the mission of concluding the piece by deciphering its meaning.

    The exhibition will be open until the 22nd of January 2014. It represents an excellent opportunity to understand Wool’s creative process.

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