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    • Lacking an easel and a formal canvas, horse power and friction prove to be enough to create Young’s work.

    The creative destruction of Aaron Young / 

    We can imagine the airy performance that the execution of The Garden of Earthly Delights entailed: the careful preparing of the canvas, Bosch’s attacks yielding his paintbrush as weapon, the carbon tracing of the painting’s basic architecture, and the latter application of the first layers of paint. In these imaginary scenes, where we can conceive the different creative moments of the artist, we can find the justifications that make performance art visual pieces; the means of art are a painterly discourse that takes advantage of the body, as if this was an instrument for creation.

    Throughout the course of the last century, we’ve witnessed some of the most diverse performances, pieces that have involved, for example, the four elements, money, bodily fluids, dead animals and, (why not?) motorcycles. Aaron Young employs horse power and rubber to create his work, creating a performance featuring smoke, sound and colour. His pieces are recorded by our minds, video and photography. A canvas violently struck by a motorcycle is the final piece. 

    Young annuls the senses of the viewer by saturating them with his work, emitting the booming roar of the engine, along with the progressive squealing of the tyres, which produce an astonishing amount of smoke, eventually filling the stage, and overpowering our sense of smell. By the time the loud process of creation comes to an end, the canvas that lies on the floor has been marked by the rubber of the wheels, so that we discover the layer of paint the artist placed beforehand.

    Aaron Young destroys to create, or, uses force to create. He includes strength in all his creative processes, examples of this are the videos and performances in which he kicks and throws a video camera while he records the degradation process until the camera completely destroyed. He undoubtedly proves that it is impossible to compare the creative process in The Garden of Earthly Delights and that in his own work, but both allow us to understand the different possibilities that manifest human creativity.  

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