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    • The digital plasticity which works from Studio Remote possess has made it worthy of important commissions.

    Data Waterfall: kaleidoscopic videopainting / 

    Multicolour waterfalls that emerge from the compression of digital data, harmonic sounds that seal the experience and make our senses explode. Images inspired by the creative genius of Gerhardt Richter, which seduce the viewer into a pleasant contemplation of “Data Waterfall” by Studio Remote.

    The work this studio has made includes commissions by the Chapman brothers and a 12 hour online installation for Brian Eno. The research by Adam Rogers, the creative mind behind Studio Remote, involve catalysed multimedia experiences through the internet; the technological/artistic  vanguard they develop, which then becomes involved with environmental arts.

    This particular project's credits include the distinguished programmers Thomas Traum and Mike Tucker. Rodgers and his team, that by the way, also includes the music label Numbers, conclude: 

    “Data Waterfall represents an element of nature by using digital methods(…)I love the idea of elements like clouds being commandeered for use in a digital context, and this film is intended as an extension of that expression.”   

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