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    • Hockney’s influence on contemporary art is irrefutable and this exhibition pays homage to his career.

    David Hockney: ‘Early Reflections’ in the Walker Art Gallery of Liverpool / 

    The Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool shows the first works by the English painter David Hockney. This exhibition gathers works from several collections that treasure this artist’s oeuvre, an icon of contemporary art that has deeply influenced the painting that is produced nowadays.

    Almost forty pieces, created between 1960 and 1978, will be on display. Among these we can find Gregory, an engraving that stands out because of its excellent execution, it is accompanied by a note where Hockney clarifies that it was made following a technique that Aldo Cromm taught him in Paris, a master who received the technique from the incomparable Pablo Picasso.

    Another relevant piece is Peter Getting out of Nick’s Pool, a painting that was made in California in 1966. It was made using acrylic paint and the man who is portrayed is Peter Schlesinger, one of Hockney’s lovers, both were in the pool of the gallery owner Nicholas Wilder. This piece won the John Moores painting awards in 1967 and would define the creator’s work in the future.

    The exhibition opened in October and will remain on display until March 16 2014. There will be engraving workshops, lectures and visitors will even be able to personify the painter. 

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