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    • An online directory surrounding fair trade support networks: from online stores, organic product stores, sales, research networks, magazines and social economy and fair trade publications.

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    Social economy’s foundations lie in human and universal wellbeing setting financial profits aside, it has led to a noticeable growth over the last few decades. Cooperatives, fair trade, sustainable organic products, mutual, responsible or critical consumerism, swapping networks, social coins, microcredits for the poor and free software programmes are but a few examples of this model.

    Some sociologists, such as the North American Immanuel Wallerstein, have noticed the inevitability of a change in our period or civilisation, alluding to the exhaustion of the capitalist system and its liberal orthodoxy —neoliberalism, precisely exemplified by the last global financial crisis which was the result of the excesses of large corporations; basically asking us to rethink the true meaning of an economic system.

    We now present you with an online directory that will allow you to find several initiatives, ranging from digital stores to non-profits and forums centred on the social economy model:

    ·RIPESS / Réseau Intercontinental de Promotion de l’Economie Sociale Solidaire (Intercontinental Network for the Promotion of a Social Solidary Economy)

    This is an intercontinental network that gathers social economic networks from around the world. It is made up of intercontinental networks that gather national and sectorial networks.

    ·FSM / Foro Social Mundial (Global Social Forum)

    A debate and reflection forum where motions can be formed, experiences can be exchanged and social movements can be gathered, this network and NGO is a place where civilian organisations can oppose capitalism’s dominance of the world.

    ·The Mont-Blanc Meetings

    An international forum of social economy leaders that gather with the purpose of reflecting, debating, and incubating projects in order to evidence that it is possible to be a different kind of businessman, capable of combining social, civic, environmental and economic efficiency.

    ·Fair Trade International

    25 organisations devoted to guaranteeing a fair treatment for producers, establishing the criteria of Fair Trade and supporting producer organisations certified as Fair Trade.

    ·Chantier de l’Économie Sociale (Building Social Economy)

    Its main objective is promoting social economy in Quebec and recognising its plural character. It promotes and supports the emergence, development and consolidation of companies and organisations centred on social economy in every sector.

    ·WFTO / World Fair Trade Organization

    This is a global network that has 450 Fair Trade chains in 75 countries; its main objective is to allow small producers to improve their living standards and those of their community.

    ·ENESS  Espacio Nacional de Economía Social y Solidaria (National Space for Social and Solidary Economy)

    This website gathers social organisation which work with productive endeavours that share a common commitment: developing and consolidating social economy.

    ·REAS/ Red de Redes de Economía Alternativa y Solidaria (Spain)

    A space for all social, economic, political and particular spheres, which works as a meeting point and a platform for reflection, participation, adhesion, and communication surrounding social economic structures.

    ·REDCOOP / Red Mexicana de Investigadores en Cooperativismo y Economía Social  (Mexican Network of Cooperativism and Social Economic Researchers)

    An organism devoted to aiding and providing technical assistance to the National Cooperative Movement, a space of theoretic reflection and experimentation of educational methodologies, research and training related to the problems and necessities of associative entities from the Mexican social economic sector.

    ·INAES / Association Internationale des Investisseurs dans l’Economie Sociale

    An investor organisation that funds ethical, ecologic, cultural, collective and autonomous enterprises. Their support includes access to equitable financing, sustainable development in developing countries and tools that favour of social economy.

    ·CIRIEC / Centro Internacional de Investigación e Información sobre la Economía Pública, Social y Cooperativa (Spain)

    The International Research Centre of Public, Social and Cooperative Economy Information is an non-governmental organisation devoted to promoting the availability of information, scientific research and diffusion of papers about the public powers in different sectors and their activities, for example, public services, public companies and Social Economy entities.

    ·SASE / Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics

    This interdisciplinary organisation has members in fifty countries around the world, is concerned with neoclassical economy and its criticism, in order to seek and propose functional alternatives.

    ·MAUSS / Movimiento Anti Utilitarista en Ciencias Sociales

    MAUSS is an anti-utilitarianism front opposing hegemonic thought; it suggests that commercial and instrumental interests represent the end of reason and human practices.

    ·RILESS / Red de Investigadores Latinoamericanos de Economía Social y Solidaria

    The Latin American Researchers in Social and Solidary Network is a project that aims to contribute to the formation of scientific solid foundations with empirical bases both in terms of strategic thinking and actions that will help the development of alternative economic forms in Latin America. 

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