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    • John Gribbin’s new book sheds some light on the realities of quantum computing and its many uses.

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    John Gribbin is an astrophysicist and scientific author who has published many books that explore subjects such as evolution and human genetics, climate change, astronomy, the sun and science for children, among many other enriching subjects. His books are characterised for their accessible approach to complex scientific knowledge, and the book we recommend on this occasion is no exception.

    Computing with Quantum Cats: From Collossus to Qubits is a fascinating study on the science of quantum computing, a technological revolution that changes the classical computing paradigm. The author shows us how this discipline is not science fiction, but something that might just be around the corner.

    Gribbin relies on his immense scientific knowledge to suggest the possible development of this technology. He describes how artificial intelligences were endowed with a vast power of deduction, intuition and learning skills based on the experience obtained through trial and error. The book is strategically planned so that it will introduce the reader to an incredibly complex subject. It initially relates the subject to classical computing to later explore quantum theories and finally develop an excellent explanation of quantum computing.

    The new edition will be released on March 4, and thus far it seems to be one of the easiest routes to understand this complex subject. If you are interested in reading this book you should be willing to tear down your old beliefs about the universe, reality and computing.

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