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    • This project gathers the most relevant data from creative offices around the world, thus contributing to their promotion and interlinking.

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    Hundreds of creative offices around the world have websites; they invest in social networks, and at times, their location or contact information is included in diverse directories. Sadly most of them end up lost in among the immensity of digital information, which beyond making the advertising of their services difficult, is an obstacle that prevents them from potentiating creative collaboration through interlinking.

    For this reason, the creators of the Berlin based studio, Ignore Gravity, have elaborated a digital data base with the information of dozens of creative spaces and their endeavours, called Creative Space Explorer. It’s a digital map that locates creative spaces within different cities and countries —a type of directory and mapamundi, where professionals who work in the creative industry can register their company or project.

    Creative Space Explorer locates all sorts of creative spaces: from small projects in Africa, India, Thailand or Pakistan, to elaborate offices in Europe. The site proposes three search options: permanent, relative to work areas or long-term creative projects; temporal, for those cases where the projects will be short-term; and virtual, for initiatives whose foundations do not require a physical space.

    The ‘Library of Insights’ section contains a list of creative minds that work in collaborative spaces, which, additionally have interesting profiles and share a series of recommendation to that innovation centres work better, putting into practice previous experiences.

    Collaboration has become one of the main driving forces within the creative industry, raising the value of ideas that can be nurtured by other professional perspectives. Virtual interconnection also potentiates knowledge and the spread of initiatives, providing transformational tools in a shared reality, the industry world and innovation. 

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