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    • This Japanese artist has remained in anonymity for a long time, and the time to know his name is long overdue.

    Do you know Tandanori Yokoo, the “Japanese Andy Warhol”? / 

    Tandanori Yokoo (1936) is a name that most art lovers will be unfamiliar with, but his works, designs and prints are highly valued in the international art scene. His Pop style was a scandalous cultural manifestation which impacted the traditionalist art of the Island of the Rising Sun, since the Fifties he established himself as a strident reminder that Western culture was seeping into the millenary Orient.

    The background of his compositions includes the tradition of Japanese stamps, even if his method employs modern reproduction techniques. Tandanori Yokoo is an artist that remains active and relevant in the twenty-first century. He has constantly been categorised as the Japanese Andy Warhol, a completely superficial comparison since his body of work is extremely original, profound and distinctive.

    He currently focuses on developing his intense pictorial productions, impressing a sordid vision of contemporary society, invoking autobiographical references that anybody can identify with. His, are images that radiate from a profound corner of his subconscious, where victims of violence, alienated characters and decaying landscapes lay, evoking the impact of war. His work has always been influenced by film, publicity, photography and the artistic and cultural tradition of his country.

    For him, the most important creative manifestation has been the poster; he has worked for The Beatles, Miles Davis, Santana, Earth, Wind and Fire, and many more. His attractive polychromatic psychedelic imagery reminds us of designs from Hinduism, the cinematic poster and Kitsch art. Nowadays his posters are considered to be crucially influential for the flow of images online; his legacy will undoubtedly be remembered by many generations to come. 

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