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    • This artist has inspired her followers, who have identified with her work for over three decades.

    An emotive retrospective at the Guggenheim recognises the work of Carrie Mae Weems / 

    When we stand before the work of Carrie Mae Weems (1953) we find ourselves in the presence of a manifesto of freedom and expression. This artist’s creations are driven by the commitment she has made to herself and her audience. The complexity of her oeuvre is reflected in the subjects she deals with: sexuality, racism, gender, class and social conflicts, the art of this creator has been appreciated throughout the world, and now the Guggenheim in New York is offering a vast retrospective.

    At the very beginning of her career she developed a well-structured visual narrative, which she has continued to employ in her pieces. She creates photographic installations that tell a story, she narrates encounters, dialogue, suffering and hope. Her ideas have been supported by different media such photography, audio, text, installation and, more recently, video. Her pieces are a sensitive invitation to reflect on the social dynamics that happen on a regular basis, she presents her audience with different points of view that give rise to an empathetic bond to the portrayed subjects and the stories they partake in.

    Using other people’s lives, her portraits draw viewers in emotionally allowing them to experience new perspectives and understanding the same problem. Carrie Mae Weems: Three Decades of Photography and Video, is a glimpse at the extensive career of this polemic and committed artist. The exhibition will begin on January 24 and will close it in March, it will mainly feature her photographic work, and however, other media employed by Weems will also be on display. ‘Kitchen Table Series’ (1990) one of her most iconic and innovative pieces is at the forefront of the exhibition.

    In the thirty years of her career, the search for justice and equality has been a self-discovery path for Weems; she has freed herself or approached profound questions that now are the source of inspiration for a huge following that has found a form of relief in her artistic creations.

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