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    • Creativity and ecological awareness come together in this project, a communal effort of a utopian and sustainable nature in Aptos, California.

    Encyclopedia Pictura, currently one of the most stimulating creative projects / 

    It is difficult to pinpoint the moment when Encyclopedia Pictura came into being since its story is undoubtedly rich and complex, perhaps however, we should begin with their founders: Isaiah Saxon, Sean Hellfritsch and Daren Rabinovitch. Their heterodox working style includes direct creation in all aspects of production: writing, design, painting, sculpture, animation, photography, directions, editing, composition and classification, and they work in a community in the depths of the forest, after having milked goats and built something in their village.

    Trout Gulch, as they call their neighbourhood, is a community on the side of a mountain in Aptos, California, which they built with their own hands over the course of two years. There they live in small houses, tree houses, and palm cabins; they have bathing houses, tool sheds, open kitchens, domes, swings, fruit trees, goat fields, vegetable gardens, slides and terraces. This is a sustainable wonderland of sorts that, additionally, is the home of three of the most psychedelic minds of digital technology. Everything lies within Trout, and they have learned to do everything they use in their animations through the Internet, using a 3D camera that they used to make impressive videos and films, especially their award winning video for Bjork’s Wanderlust song. Displaying the full scope of cinematic psychedelic (see their video for Grizzly Bear), this renaissance trio embodies a premise that states that there is nothing you cannot teach yourself to do. In Saxon’s work, Trout Gulch is a "mythological and magically inspiring place that isn't synthetic and fake, built with living things and populated with real people".

    At the same time as the crew from Pictura wants to tread lightly on the land so as to not leave their carbon footprint on it, they do want to leave deep revolutionary mark in the history of art, entertainment and audiovisual media. And by becoming completely digital and ecological, they are achieving precisely this. Their home is an Eco-technological utopia and their world a bestiary of avatars and digital creatures.

    As this video eloquently shows, Encyclopedia Pictura has created an expanding green hyper fantasy, because of the net’s architectural innards. They show us that paying attention to the world and getting our hands dirty potentiates technological creativity and neither are at odds with the other, but quite the opposite. They found a balance between augmented reality and horticulture, which could be the most sensible (and exciting) idea ever.

    You can follow their activities on their blog.

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