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    • This initiative seems to be ‘hitting the spot’ when it comes to making all the ideas that can be found throughout different countries come true.

    Evolver Spores, cooperation as evolutionary as it is tangible / 

    The Evolver Network could be one of the best solutions for our faltering world which is full of good ideas and dubious practices. What this initiative does is use online tools to create real networks in the tangible world, i.e. where things happen. They use “spores” as a metaphor, which in biology are reproductive structures that are dispersed over long distances and are able to survive in disadvantaged conditions. Like their biological counterparts, the Evolver Spores are regional nuclei where consciousness is raised, centred on the most serious problems of this era, and where ideas that gather many different groups to manifest changes are incubated.

    This year the Evolver Network is calling for global action taking. The call reaches out to all agents of change in different disciplines so that these can come together and collaborate with many transformative tribes that are working towards a new global culture. From permaculture educators to pioneers in transition communities to the masterminds behind Occupy, as well healing centres, cartographers, democracy and freedom activists and alternative energy renegades. These interconnected events will pay special attention to collectively cooperate to forge a tangible change in our incredibly fast and changing world. In their website you can check all the activities they are currently involved in.

    In few words, Evolver Network is the first initiative that brings together all the forces of change so that ideas are not left dispersed and become hard to execute. It represents a great opportunity to make a transformation of the planet’s cleaning come true. 

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