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    • The Sagrada Familia Foundation has made a fantastic video that shows the future appearance of this church when it is finished in 2026.

    An exciting video completes La Sagrada Familia by Gaudi, in a few seconds / 

    La Sagrada Familia is considered by many to be the masterpiece of Antonio Gaudi, even if its completion has taken almost 150 years. The Catalonian architect began its construction 1883, and by 1925, before his death, he had completed the dome, the crypt, and the Nativity façade.

    By the year 2000, a large part of its structure had been completed, however, the striking building will not be completed until the year 2026, meaning that its completion took an additional one-hundred years more than the creator had originally expected. From this context, the Sagrada Familia Foundation has produced a video that recreates its construction projecting its final appearance.

    Gaudi’s emblematic art, which combines fantasy with a gothic style, adding medieval and folkloric characteristics, offers us the possibility of crossing through dreamy landscapes. According to the video, the Sagrada Familia will be completed with stone structures that resemble leaves or columns borrowed from mythological cities, contrasting with sacred archetypes and with certain allusions to a traditional catholic enclosure.

    This video shows this artist’s sensitive process of creation, perhaps involuntarily depicting the convergence of opposing stylistic aspects. His works seem to be the result of mystical hallucinations, expressed through secret geometries that jealously guard its structural sense of creation. This is a virtual gift for all those who hope to witness this piece’s consummation, one of the most genial pieces in our history. 

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