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    • The literary publishing industry is experiencing amazing times. Dozens of independent publishing houses are being born, offering all sorts of literature in the most aesthetic of expressions.

    The fantastic era of the independent publishing houses / 

    The world’s editorial ecosystem is going through one of its most fertile and decisive moments. Independent publishers, those that publish what an individual or a small group of people consider important, have for some time now enriched the options of literary quality. The emergence of self-management projects is due to the editorial map, which has become more polarized and instead of publishing quality fiction or essays, are turning to bestsellers that will guarantee a commercial success.  Additionally, contemporary creation must seek out a different form to that of the norm in order to have a meaning and congruence.

    From Virginia and Leonard Woolf who created Hogarth Press, to the independent editorials that have given us some of the best literature we have set out eyes, the odd-ones out continue to provide us with quality projects. Argentina has been the birthplace of several of these, for example La bestia equilátera, Eterna Cadencia and Negro Absoluto, which have given us some of the best fiction pieces of this generation, or perhaps Mexican Ediciones Era, Taller Ditoria and Surplus Ediciones, which all are independent, critical, diverse and thorough. This undoubtedly is, an exciting moment to be a lover of literature.

    From the long list of independent American publishers —which have survived in different and truly interesting ways—, three of the best are:

    Akashic Books: which published Go the Fuck to Sleep, by Adam Mansbach, and which stresses its desire to remain an ““independent company dedicated to publishing urban literary fiction and political nonfiction by authors who are either ignored by the mainstream, or who have no interest in working within the ever-consolidating ranks of the major corporate publishers.”

    OR Books: which has published poems by Yoko Ono for example, titles by Julian Assange and Douglas Rushkoff and novels like The Dream of Doctor Bantam by Jeanne Thornton and Inferno (A Poet’s Novel) by Eillen Myles.

    The New Press: has published great non-fictional works, using a singular aesthetic they’ve published authors like Alice Walker and J. Hoberman. 

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