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    Fibonacci Sequence And Floral Patterns / 

    The origin of mathematics is deeply rooted in nature. This science was discovered when observing the surroundings. And even if we sometimes disregard all about the fact that they are linked, nature itself makes sure we don’t forget.

    This time, we are talking about flowers, they make us see the mathematical perfection that hides in many of its designs as an underground and secret current: patterns corresponding to one of the most heated mathematical concepts on Earth: the Fibonacci sequence.

    Leonardo of Pisa discovered this number sequence in the 13th Century XIII it starts with 0 and 1 and from then on, each number is the result of the sum of the previous two numbers. From that moment, the Fibonacci sequence has been used in music, architecture, paintings and other arts, by imitating the harmonic effect manifested in natural designs like on conchs, galaxies and, in this case, on flowers.

    Heraclitus used to say that: “Nature loves hiding”, and when we witness the geometrical navel on flowers suggests that mathematics is hiding in nature itself in fractal eagerness.

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