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    • Created by Tejal Patni, this year’s Splash Calendar is full of fabrics that you’ll probably never wear but that will fill your life just by seeing them.

    Flowers will never go out of style: botanic motifs in the 2014 Splash calendar / 

    Floral patterns completely changed fashion during the 1920s and, since then, they have always been popular. This year, the Splash Calendar is having a passionate romance with this type of pattern, to the point that the over exploitation of flowers actually works. Every image taken by the Hindu photographer and filmmaker Tejal Patni vibrate and move on many levels while they directly dialogues with kitsch and the most sophisticated type of camouflage.

    Splash is a company based in Dubai, famous for being the “the largest fashion seller in the Middle East”. Their calendars are known for being daring and electrifying, but this year, in its fourth edition, the trend really outdid the previous volumes.

    The photographs are not merely fashion taken to the extreme, they also portray still scenes from fairy tales (the allusion to Robin Hood or the Mad Hatter are hard to ignore), as well as the glorification of the character’s figure. The model is no longer a person but the persona and, in this sense, the calendar captures what fashion is essentially: a way of facing the world of characterization. 

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