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    • This bay features elegant landscapes and the enigmatic ruins of medieval castles which intensify our aesthetic experience of the place.

    Fluorescent Embelton Bay is flooded with Northern Lights / 

    Embelton Bay remits us to a harmonic canvas covered in delicate horizontal strokes. Its aesthetic plain, when seen from the perspective of those who look out to the sea from the most open part of the bay, allows different ecosystems to bloom, ornamented by subtle and gradual layers of pigments.

    Dark rock coral reefs, a stream known as Embelton Burn which crosses the epicenter of the landscape, sand hills that frame the bay just before it becomes soft grassy prairies. Spread out lines like ethereal horizontal fields made out of black stones and the ruins of a medieval castle mingle with the classic green hues of English fields.

    This simple and refined place caresses those who are lucky enough to set eyes on it. And, as if this wasn’t enough, towards the end of winter the sky lights up with spectacles that enrich the beauty of the place even further with the appearance of the Northern Lights. Even if their incredible presence cannot be guaranteed every year, when they do appear, their clarity is much more exquisite than those seen in Northern England and Scotland.

    This year, towards the end of February, these hypnotic lights bathed the skies of Embelton Bay in a manner that had never been seen before, since they seemed to extend from the sky to the sea as if they were delicate strings. The ruins of the Dunstanburgh castle await patiently the warmth of the lights like ghosts. The rest of the years, the ruins of its towers endow the beautiful surroundings with a poetic touch.

    Embelton Bay is much more than a spectacular landscape; a beautiful aesthetic moderation that fosters in the viewer an exquisite sense of natural contemplation. 

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