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    • Designed by the architect David Chipperfield, the museum was inaugurated at the end of last year.

    Fundación Jumex opens a new Contemporary Art museum in Mexico City / 

    The internationally renowned and award-winning architect, David Chipperfield, recently developed his first project in Latin America: the new Jumex Museum, which opened its doors for the first time in late 2013. The imposing 6,700 square metre building features plenty of space for exhibitions, gatherings and enjoying art. The complex is comprised by a basement, a ground floor, three other levels and an innovative virtual space.

    The Jumex Contemporary Art Foundation (Fundación Jumex Arte Contemporáneo (FJAC)) has been promoting artistic potential in Mexico, and the world, for twelve years. Through commissions and acquisitions it has amassed one of the most impressive collections in Latin America where minimal art from the Sixties and Seventies is predominant. The foundation is also in charge of organising contests that develop and foster artistic creations in different formats.

    It is located in Mexico City and it is already considered one of the best contemporary art museums in the world, which will hopefully attract some art aficionados, as well as creators, curators and researchers interested in establishing new liaisons with the institution. When they first began, the foundation’s collection was placed in the company’s factory, but merely a decade later the experimental art works are moving to the museum, even if the original gallery will continue to host exhibitions.

    For further information surrounding the Jumex Gallery, the museum and their events, you can visit their official website. We suggest you also visit their virtual museum, a platform that specialises in digital and multimedia projects. This is undoubtedly a fortunate event for the foundation and for Latin American art; the new museum will create new opportunities for artists and art lovers by featuring inspiring cultural activities. 

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