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    • Jeff Walker and Jennifer McCrea present us an essential book that will enable us to change the fundraising model, which is already obsolete.

    Generosity Network: a practical crowdsourcing manual / 

    Generosity Network is a concept that has been taught to students at the Kennedy School in Harvard for some time and which now is opening new networks where individual can find partners in the different causes that emerge every day. The philosophy of The Generosity Network is encompassed in a homonymous book, and it presents the reader with an essential guide that explains the art of activating resources for any type of valuable cause. Jeff Walker and Jennifer McCrea are two philanthropists who offer a new perspective on the popular crowdsourcing model, with the purpose of making a real difference in the world. What makes this organisation so special is that, unlike many other community based organisms which focus on the idea of raising money for their cause by ‘harassing’ potential donors, Generosity does not differentiate donors from their producers. By eliminating the differences that divide these two, they attract more resources.

    They do this by having personal conversations about how people with similar interest can come together to work for a same cause. By taking personal backgrounds and making them universal, this generosity network helps you raise money, time, talent, personal networks, creative thoughts, public support and all the different forms of social capital that often seem rare but are not, and this guide shows you how to find them.

    Generosity Network is more than a practical crowdsourcing manual that drives this great empowering idea which aids the creator and the donor, at a time when simply asking for donations has become obsolete (even if the model is still employed by many organisations). 

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