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    • While most of us have come to take education for granted, many countries are just now beginning to realise the advantages of educating their female population.

    Girl Rising: revolutionise the planet by educating girls / 

    In developing countries, educating girls is reflected in the growth of their national economy, in an improvement in health related issues since the percentage of childhood mortality decreases, and in the decrease in the number of sexually transmitted diseases. In other words, investing in educating girls is one of the best routes to stimulate an economy. To emphasise the latter, the film Girl Rising, follows the development of 9 girls seeking a better education in developing countries.

    The stories of Yasmin, Amina, Senna, Suma, Azmera, Sokha, Wadley, Ruksana and Mariama, where written by nine renowned writers and will be narrated by actresses such as Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, Salma Hayek and Meryl Streep. So far the film has had around six-thousand projections, five hundred of those in universities in the United States. Holly Gordon, the film’s executive producer, notes that a percentage of the earnings will be donated to female education programs. 10 x 10, the company responsible for the production hopes the film will be seen beyond the United States, and they are working on subtitles in 6 languages and versions in different tongues.

    The nine stories in the film seek to reveal the role that girls and women play in the world, and also prove that change, could possibly be, just around the corner —especially if we consider that “a girl with courage is a revolution”. 

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