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    Poverty is a problem deeply enrooted in our planet, related to the lack of opportunities, inequality and injustice. Did you know that more than two billion people live in extreme poverty, meaning that, they survive with less than one dollar and fifty cents a day?

    Our culture and the lack of opportunities therein create a hindrance where poverty feeds on itself. Because of their lack of education poor people can have many children, and this in turn makes their shortages even greater (even if on occasion they are considered a source of income, workforce). A person cannot imagine different circumstances if their culture and conditions does not provide examples of it. In a way, as activist Hugh Evans points out, “Fortune is defined by the random place where we are born”.

    By addressing the call to end poverty, a notion that could easily be part of the speech of the most stereotyped beauty queen contest, Evans has taken this task seriously. Far from utopian illusions, and with a greater focus on global efforts, he wants to get rid of this condition. His best ally to do this? The entertainment business that generates billions of dollars every day.

    Evans created the Global Poverty Project (GPP) which, beyond a simple poverty awareness campaign, is a space that not only seeks to inform people of the problem, but also gives them options so that they can become a part of the solution. Music is his expansive weapon, Evans organizes concerts that are sponsored by celebrities, and the main event is the Global Citizen Festival, which is celebrated in Central Park in New York every September.

    Those who wish to attend the concert must earn their tickets in a peculiar fashion: they must get points on a digital platform, and these add together when the participants take actions to fight poverty. Some of the options include tweeting large enterprises so that they will support specific projects, or so that they get involved in some form of action against poverty.

    The project has enjoyed an incredible acceptance, and Evans, who is only 31 years old, plans to take it to the world of sports and politics. Without falling into the cliché comparing it to war budgets, eradicating poverty is related to wanting to do it. Evans’ accomplishments are an example of this; we only need to take a close look at them to realize it. 

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