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    • The exhibition is in the Charles Saatchi Gallery in London, and within the frame of this celebration a series of interesting articles will be sold.

    HUGO BOSS celebrates its twentieth anniversary by commissioning 20 surprising works / 

    Red Never Flows is the event that celebrates 20 years of the prestigious fashion and perfume line, HUGO BOSS. Twenty artists were commissioned to develop iconic pieces that sync into the brand’s mood; artists from diverse disciplines such as street art, interactive video, sonorous environments and installation, which gather in this exhibition in the Charles Saatchi Gallery in London.

    The exhibition is a vanguard event in which designers, artists and architects will participate. Red and all its possible creative associations is the event’s premise, the pieces are dynamic and interactive, and they submerge the viewer in reflections surrounding art, technology and life. Works like The Pulse of London, by Marco Barotti, induce the audience into a state of profound relaxation, while you hear your heart beats in a plastic chamber that amplifies them and distributes them in space.

    Proximity/Repulsion is a piece by Felix Bronowski, it consists of the contrasted projection of the viewer’s silhouette, which allows them to interact with a vibrating pixel mass; the author speaks of the experience of touching and playing with an intangible object, a type of binary ghost. The designer Güvenc Özel has developed Cerebral Hut, an environment shaped with the plasticity of the mind —a mobile surface that becomes activated when the headband is placed on a viewer and this perceives he is focusing on the interactive surface.

    The event’s official site provides detailed information concerning the participant’s profiles and an interesting approach to the pieces. 

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