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    • Yaima Pardo works for the official Cuban television network, but she simultaneously directs documentaries that criticise the government and the problems she finds along the way.

    Independent cinema: a tool to criticise the system / 

    Yaima Pardo boasts a critical voice that recognises the advantages of the Cuban government; however she remains aware of the injustices that her country also fosters. Pardo works for Cuba’s official television network and, at risk of losing her job, she also uses her technical knowledge to claim and evidence her government’s deficiencies and human rights violations by depicting them in documentary films.

    She believes that the Internet is a fair tool which anybody can use to stress their global citizenship; which means that more and more frequently, problems are being denounced and that collective demands can find solutions despite their geographic origin. She also believes in the globalisation of knowledge, a phenomenon that professionals can rely on to expand their vision and opportunities; she considers that in our age, access to the Internet is a basic right.

    Nonetheless, paradoxically, she is also limited: she has little access to the internet and all her actions are closely watched by the Cuban government. Due to the latter, the OFF Line documentary is one that demands justice from the government because after stressing the importance of the inhabitants’ education, they also forbid free access to the internet, thus limiting the number of opportunities students have to put their knowledge into practice.

    Pardo keeps an open mind when it comes to activism, since she recognises the importance of denouncing and of dialogue, and considers that it is in fact from within a system that the most transcendental changes can be made. “I want to have the government dialogue with the opposition on national television,” she asserts.

    Due to the lack of interest in the national media, in 2014 his director plans to take —with her own hands— OFF Line on tour, with the purpose of showing it anywhere with an audience. Pardo is a rebel without excesses, a strategic thinker who believes that the Internet can potentiate virtues that Cubans have been harvesting for decades.

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