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    • The microworlds that blossom on the road are great masters, which are confirmed by this generous project.

    Interview Project: the road is the master / 

    “We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls.”

    -Anaïs Nin

    “Life is not the destination, it’s the journey,” points out one of the female interviewees in the Interview Project, a series of mini-documentaries conceived by Austin Lynch and Jason S. The axis which the project revolves around is precisely this journey, this voyage, which in and of itself is a road trip spanning 32 kilometres in 70 days through small towns, cities and American landscapes, where the team interviews whoever they find along the way. Every three days during an entire year (between 2009 and 2010), they uploaded a new interview to their website, each one ominously presented by Austin’s father, David Lynch.

    Interview Project is a fortunate approach to the odd people of “Small Town America”, who tell their personal story from their own trench. “If you watch the videos of the trip” Lynch comments during the introductory video, “you’re going to meet hundreds of people,” all different, found “by driving along the roads, going into bars, going into different locations, and there they were. The people told their story. It’s so fascinating to look and listen to people.”

    The project, whose central idea might seem trivial and tedious, poeticizes the journey and otherness. Each stranger leads a life foreign and distant to our own, but they are also us, our humanity, and it is precisely during our travels that stories are made; the journey of the project’s team through the winding paths of North America and the journey of each of the interviewees through their own life.

    As the perfect axiom for the traveller, the team had no plans: this imbues their body of work with an ethereal quality, which often encapsulates the environment of the scene ---a hotel room with an unmade bed, a porch, cars driving by in the background--- as part of the authenticity and the rhythm of the interview. Interview Project is a fascinating example of life on the road and how it can soon become addictive; after watching one of the episodes we feel like watching them all. As David Lynch asserted: “It’s something human and you can’t stay away from it."

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