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    • Joanna McClure’s geometric aestheticism has an oneiric quality; her photographs are skilful tools that enable the appreciation of colours, textures and patterns.

    Joanna McClure: a fine geometry that invites beauty / 

    Joanna McClure is a New York based photographer, and like many others in her line of work she combines artistic photography with fashion photography. There is something in her work that emphasises the tenderness of shapes, skilfully expressed by the way objects are placed and through her choice of colour: compositions that caress our child-like appreciation with sophisticated honesty.

    McClure’s artistic photography brandishes an authenticity that sets it apart from thousands of similar projects. Her most famous and striking series is Paper Abstraction, where grey and pastel backgrounds frame expressive compositions created by simple geometric cut-outs. The result is subtle and primarily physical, since the forms acquire a gentle personality that invites us to touch them, respectfully.

    It seems that somewhere between the inevitable and infinite ‘remake’ of eras, feelings and aesthetics, every once in a while, some artists that continue to contribute that certain something to the artistic experience emerge. If, in etymological terms, originality is related to a novel character, then McClure’s work embraces said quality. She does so subtly though, as a gift that doesn’t draw attention to itself immediately, but that later, manifests itself with exquisite discretion.

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