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    • Juan Gatti, artifice of "perverse art", was recently comissioned by Faena to create a mural that now overlooks Collins Avenue, Miami.

    Juan Gatti: The Wicked Artist / 

    Juan Gatti was born in Buenos Aires. When he was teenager, he began to make a name for himself designing record covers for iconic porteño rock bands. When he was approaching his 30s he moved to Madrid and made this city his operation base. The 80s were an interesting time in the Spanish Capital with La Movida and El Destape – the names given to post Franco openness and cultural awakening- taking over all artistic expressions. After many years of conservative policies, there was a lot to be said.

    During those years, Gatti met Spanish film director Pedro Almodovar. Their collaboration, often compared to that of Hitchcock and Saul Bass, resulted in the creation of one of the most relevant film aesthetics of the 20th century.

    His talent has made him one of the most respected artists of his time, excelling in photography, design, and painting as well.  His trademark style, a potent blend of kitsch and pop, has crowned him as the king of  “perverse art” as he likes to call it.

    His work has been commissioned by Faena and the collaboration has resulted in the powerful murals that rise above Collins Avenue and wrap the Collaboratory with tales of Mythical Lands and fountains of Eternal Youth. 

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