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    • Purples, oranges, pinks, blues: the sky is a spectacle that a designer has distilled into an indoors lamp.

    A lamp recreates the chromatic spectrum of the sky / 

    To a great extent, our surroundings condition our perception. High or low ceilings can trigger different feelings and moods in our psyche: a cluttered environment, or one that is open, have different impacts on our thoughts and even the approach we take to life. Light is essential for the way we move through our thoughts. Lighting, an overlooked topic in our culture, is narrowly linked to the perception of time and space, and it is perhaps undervalued in terms of its relationship to our quality of life.

    Yoshiki Matsuyama, designer, has channeled his fascination for science towards our everyday surroundings, and created a lamp that pays homage to the colors reproduced by our celestial canvas. The chromatic spectrum parades by responding to the atmospheric conditions, and the Earth’s position. Matsuyama materialized this fantastic project by using some basic principles of physics.

    The lamp emits a programmed color according to the time of day. Any room can be flooded by colors, which glide from orange to purple. The combination of stimuli condensed by this experiment pursues a psychic sense, which pays particular attention to subtlety so that users are not overwhelmed. The design is still a prototype, but it obtained the Lexus Design Award, and it was shown in Milan’s Design Week.

    Matsuyama wants his design to respond to one of the most fundamental questions of our childhood: Why is the sky blue? And, it wants to move those who, when they set eyes on the sky, want to make it their own, absorbing it at their will, answering to the desire that crosses our mind when we admire something and we make a magnetic call to possess it..

    Replicating natural beauty is somewhat utopian, but some of the most beautiful creations of all time have been born in process of imitation. 

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