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    • The creators of the Oscar winning animated film, ‘Peter and the Wolf’, have recently come up with this interesting animation surrounding the work of Van Gogh.

    Loving Vincent: an epic stop-motion inspired by the work of Van Gogh / 

    Over a century after Vincent Van Gogh’s death, his life and work continue to fuel the work of many artists. An example of this is the first ever stop-motion film that uses oil paintings.

    The controversy surrounding the death of the post-impressionist painter continues to grow. Some years ago, Steven Naifeh and Gregory White Smith, revived the theory that states that Van Gogh did not actually commit suicide, instead, that a young man simply shot him in the chest on purpose. Experts from the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam have dismissed this theory.

    Loving Vincent is Breakthru Films’ newest project (they created Peter and the Wolf 2006), a striking short film that won the Oscar. For this new project, the creators decided to animate every frame using oil paintings, the same style and technique that the artist used to create his works. They estimate that they will require 56 thousand canvasses that will be painted on an interesting easel known as PAWS (Painting Animation Work Station).

    The animation’s plot is centered on solving the mystery of the painter’s death, an investigation that studies his closest friends and family, his last living moments and the letters he wrote. The project is currently trying to raise money through Kickstarter, and hopes to raise enough money to be able to put the film in motion, and if they go through with it, it will be an unprecedented production. They will have to hire qualified painters and train them to make their work suitable for animation. The creators estimate they’ll have to hire at least 40 painters.  

    Van Gogh was an inspired rebel that made light dance, he was never discouraged enough to stop working and in turn used his problems to create the nine-hundred pieces that we know today. This project is a titanic endeavor, an artistic feat that will hopefully astonish the entire world. 

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