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    • Always with the task of promoting culture and arts, this museum is proud of their online apps.

    Met Publications: an app that allows us to consult hundreds of this museum’s catalogues / 

    The Metropolitan Museum of Art inaugurated a surprising characteristic on its website: MetPublications, an extensive digital archive of all the publication the museum has made since 1964. Incredible titles which the Met has edited can now be found, opened to the public interested in art, or in the museum’s collection, which can boast an impressive number of volumes that study their historical and artistic value.

    Each year the museum has 30 exhibitions and with them it publishes catalogues and commemorative books, delicately illustrated and with interesting texts by renowned critics, historians and important people in the sphere of art. Currently the Met is one of the museums that release the largest number of publications each year, and many of these have been awarded important prizes, in many cases the institution’s books have redefined the known standards of artistic studies. This project continues to grow, with the objective of reaching the largest number of possible audiences, keeping them updated on the museum’s activities.

    Since the year 2000, three online projects have come about, which delve into the Met’s permanent collection: Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History is an excellent didactic tool that presents the illustrated collection in an interesting timeline; Connections exposes the Museum staff’s opinions on different important pieces in the collection. At the beginning of this year we reviewed 82nd & Fifth, 100 short video capsules that the museum will be releasing throughout this year, in which 100 curators are asked which piece in the collection has influenced art the most.

    These electronic characteristics join other technological and cultural relevant projects that the internet has made possible, such as catalogues the Guggenheim has uploaded to their official website, or the impressive Google Art Project, that allows us to approach art masterpieces in unimaginable ways. The Met is highly interested in artistic diffusion, and its projects are true digital jewels that we must constantly keep up with. 

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