• Art of Inspiration

    • The portraits and digital renders by Creighton are beautiful ways of reminding us that everything is connected.

    The mimetic exercise in Mike Creighton’s work / 

    The line that makes up the horizon, an EKG, seismograph, the aurora borealis and the display of sound equipment project the same whimsical and dancing lines; rhythmic flows that engage in a close relationship with the harmonic bases of the composition. The musical vibrations create visual patterns that resemble cartography, which at the same time connect to tracing the human genome and the inspired search of some musician or visual artist.

    Mike Creighton is an artist and programmer that lives and works in Oregon, the images he creates range from portraits and human bodies to digital landscapes that exemplify topographies and sound waves. We encounter visual and modulated auditory static that harmonises in cold and warm tones with real natural landscapes. Whether it is through renders of his digital images or through intricate hatches in his drawings, Creighton’s work is exquisitely palpable, it possesses physical characteristics that bestow it with tectonic and oneiric values at the same time.

    His work is a series on intimate reflections on the body and natural rituals, the man before the constant flow of everything that surrounds him. The artist confers us with invitations to reflect on the constant movement that generates chaos, harmony and art —which at some point in our path, are the one and the same.

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